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Angelia's Bio:

My name is Angelia Dickinson. I’ve been helping people achieve their wellness goals for over 3 years. After going through a very difficult time in my life in 2017, I was led to a plant-based lifestyle.


After losing over 80 pounds by changing my lifestyle, I developed a strong passion for health and wellness. As a board certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, Behavioral Health Coach, Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Master Herbalist, Raw Vegan Chef, and Registered Dietitian Student I am able to assist others obtain their health and wellness goals. My purpose is to promote healing, health and wellness: one person, one family, and one community at a time. Interests: (In no particular order) Health and Wellness, especially for people of color, Equality for BLACKS, Human Physiology, critical thinking, gardening, agriculture, herbalism, reading, cooking and traveling.


I am a woman with a passion for human health. It is my duty, to be certain you receive the true healing you deserve. If you allow me to, I can coach you through an amazing health and wellness transformation.